Repositories of human biospecimens are valuable resources for the advancement and clinical translation of biomedical research, and they play a critical role in providing services for patient care. Biobanking of human specimens involves regulatory, ethical, and legal aspects in addition to the challenges related to pathology best practices in patient care and the procurement of quality specimens for research.

One of the challenges for biobanking is the availability of high-quality and histological validated biospecimens that allow the application of a full range of downstream analyses to advance our understanding of the genetic and molecular bases of disease. In this context, experimental and clinical pathologists should play a key role in advancing biospecimen science by developing standardized protocols for the collection, management, storage, and shipment of different human specimens. Thus, the mission of the Biobanking Scientific Interest Group is to advance our understanding of the requirements for the collection of different human specimens, identify those pre-analytical variables that affect biospecimen quality, and develop methods to decrease biospecimen variability and optimize long-term storage.

The objectives of the Biobanking Scientific Interest Group are to:

  • Foster dialogue and collaborations among researchers and clinicians
  • Engage scientists in debate, exchange of information, and discussion of issues related to the collection and processing of human biospecimens
  • Promote biospecimen science research
  • Participate in discussions concerning the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues associated with the collection and preservation of biospecimens
  • Disseminate scientific information about human biospecimens and their use in the development of novel biomarkers and diagnostic tools


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Daniel Remick

Daniel Remick, MD
Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center


Liliana Guedez

Liliana Guedez, PhD
National Eye Institute