Environmental and Toxicologic Pathology

Welcome to the webpage of the Environmental and Toxicologic Pathology Scientific Interest Group (SIG) of the American Society of Investigative Pathology. This SIG is cosponsored by the Society of Toxicologic Pathology.

We are a group of enthusiastic researchers with the mission of advancing our understanding of the molecular and cellular pathogenesis of environment-associated diseases. We also maintain the vital aim of fostering investigations into early diagnosis and protection of world-wide populations from detrimental environmental hazards.
We live in complex environments surrounded by mostly hidden chemical, biological and physical hazards. Our central mission is to develop a community of multidisciplinary researchers interested in the mechanisms of environmentally-induced diseases, in solving the problems facing our vulnerable populations, and in implementing an integrative approach to human environmental disease.

The Environmental and Toxicologic Pathology SIG provides a forum for interaction with both experts and trainees in the field as well as researchers from other fields that are interested in the environment's impact upon our health. The interaction across fields allows members to initiate discussions, foster collaborations, and network. We hope to promote cutting-edge environmental research that encompasses basic mechanistic, experimental, and clinical/translational investigations using state of-the-art approaches, technologies, and model systems.

Please consider joining this important SIG. You will not only strengthen your role in our Society but can also help your students and trainees to share protocols and methods, and meet researchers interested in new collaborations, including international ones. We are committed to share our passion for discussing timely topics, highlight advances, debate controversies, and address our needs and our mission.

The objectives of the ASIP Environmental and Toxicologic Pathology Scientific Interest Group are:

  1. To engage environmental scientists in debate, exchange, and discussion on advances in all fields of environmental pathology.
  2. To work cooperatively with the Society of Toxicologic Pathology, an affiliate of ASIP.
  3. To promote cutting-edge and relevant research in environmental diseases and to encourage formation of new multi-disciplinary national and international collaborative teams.
  4. To disseminate novel impacting scientific knowledge in the discipline
  5. To engage current pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral trainees that are interested in environmental research, ensuring that a new cadre of researchers will emerge that are aware of the need of multidisciplinary across the world collaborations.


ASIP Members are invited to participate in the Environmental and Toxicologic Pathology SIG Listserv. Please email to have your name and email address added to the listserv.

To send a message to the Environmental and Toxicologic Pathology SIG Listserv, send your email to Please note that you must be a member of this listserv in order to send and receive messages.

Please direct all questions to: Lisa McFadden (240) 283-9712.


Elizabeth Galbreath

Elizabeth Galbreath, DVM, PhD
Lexington, MA