Publications Committee

Committee Roster

The Publications Committee shall have oversight responsibility for publications operated by the Society and shall report to Council. The Committee shall serve as the advisory body on management issues of Society publications, including but not excluded to contracts, format, frequency of publication, subscription rates, and other issues with financial and management consequences. In addition, the Committee shall oversee the general editorial policy for Society publications.

The Chair-Elect and the Chair of the Publications Committee shall be elected by the membership. The Council shall appoint other members of the Committee from among various membership categories. At least one voting member of the Committee shall be a trainee. Members of the Committee shall have terms of up to three years and may serve consecutive terms. Non-voting and ex officio members of the Committee shall be the Editor(s)-in-Chief and Managing Editor(s) of publications of the Society, the Secretary Treasurer, and the Executive Officer. The President shall be a voting ex officio member of the Publications Committee.

The Council shall appoint the Editor(s)-in-Chief of the Society's publications. The Editor(s)-in-Chief may be compensated with a stipend approved by the Council. The Chair of the Publications Committee shall notify the President when a search committee should be established to identify a new Editor-in-Chief. The Editor(s)-in-Chief shall be responsible for the scientific content of the Society's publications and shall appoint Editorial Boards following procedures and policies developed by the Publications Committee to promote diversity. The Editor(s)-in-Chief shall recommend and the Publications Committee shall approve Associate Editors for the publications. The Editor-in-Chief of each publication associated with the Society shall provide an annual written report to the Chair of the Publications Committee; the report(s) shall include recommendations as the Editor(s)-in-Chief deem useful.


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