Meritorious Awards Committee

Committee Roster

The Meritorious Awards Committee shall select the winners of the Society's meritorious awards from nominations submitted by the membership and shall periodically evaluate the awards program and make recommendations to the Council as necessary. The Committee shall develop and follow procedures to avoid conflicts of interest and shall recommend specific criteria for eligibility and selection of candidates for awards that shall be consistent with the Operating Procedures of the Society.

The Meritorious Awards Committee shall consist of the President-Elect as Chair and six members who are elected by and from the regular membership. The Executive Officer may be asked by the Chair to assist the Committee in its deliberations but shall have no vote. All members of the Committee, including the Chair, shall vote to select the award winners. Each elected member shall serve a term of three years; two members shall be elected each year so that terms of the elected members are staggered. The Committee shall be comprised of a cross-section of regular members of the Society. Not counting the Chair, no institution shall be represented by more than one elected member and no Officer of the Council may simultaneously serve on the Meritorious Awards Committee. Members of the Committee shall be ineligible for consecutive three-year terms. In the event that a person is unable to complete a term for any reason, the Nominating Committee shall determine the method to fill the unexpired term. Members of the Meritorious Awards Committee shall be ineligible for senior meritorious awards while they are members of the Committee.

The Society shall bestow the following meritorious awards, among others:

  1. Gold-Headed Cane Award. The Gold-Headed Cane shall be awarded to a member in recognition of long-term outstanding contributions to pathology, which may include meritorious research, teaching, and general excellence.
  2. Rous-Whipple Award. The Rous-Whipple Award shall be awarded to a senior scientist with a distinguished career in research and continued productivity at the time of the award.

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