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February 24

Navigating Implicit Bias

Date: February 24, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)


This session will emphasize the understanding of what implicit bias represents, how it affects interpersonal relationships and our daily life with a focus on having a conversation on how implicit bias affects scientific research in academia.

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify implicit bias
  2. Recognize the effects of implicit bias in everyday life and the implications it has in academia and industry
  3. Identify the wide-range affects of implicit bias the relationship of implicit bias, and effective ways to understand our personal implicit bias


March 10 webinar

Insights from Autopsy-Based Clinicopathological Correlation of COVID-19: Pathology, Mechanisms, and Treatment

Date: March 10, 2020

Time: 11:30 AM (EST)


Description: Drs. Buja and Vander Heide discuss what we know and what remains to be elucidated about COVID-19.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the epidemiology and major trends in the pandemic
  2. Describe the key pathological findings in cases of severe COVID-19
  3. Discuss implications of the pathological findings for pathophysiology and pathogenesis of the disease
  4. Discuss implications of the pathological findings for therapy and prevention of the disease