AJP Compendia

The American Journal of Pathology publishes investigations of mechanisms of disease across a spectrum of organ systems and topics. The articles in these compendia showcase AJP’s strong suit in a number of investigative spheres. All are original research studies published within the last two years or so, and the full text of each is available to readers at no cost. These compendia are dynamic, with periodic updating of content and inclusion of new collections. Please check back frequently to keep abreast of AJP’s publications in your areas of interest.

An additional compendium gathers all of AJP’s highly topical research articles and review articles related to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, emphasizing the contributions of pathologists to understanding the enemy and the mechanisms that underlie the morbidity and mortality of COVID-19. AJP’s publisher, Elsevier, is providing all readers with free access to this timely information.