The Mission of the ASIP Inflammation/Immunopathology Scientific Interest Group (SIG) is to facilitate the study of the role of infectious, inflammatory, and immunologic processes in cell injury, pathology, and disease. Modulating responses to inflammation, for example as a response to infection or injury or as a suppressor of neoplastic cell growth, is an important aspect of therapeutic approaches. Vaccines and antagonists are being investigated and developed for therapeutic use to provide long-lasting responses.

The objectives of the Inflammation/Immunopathology Scientific Interest Group are:

  • To investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which cells and tissues cope with infection and inflammation to ultimately develop immunity
  • To investigate how neoplastic processes escape immune responses and how tumor immunology can be modulated to combat neoplasia
  • To investigate how dysregulation of inflammation and immunity underlies auto-immune and inflammatory diseases
  • To foster interactions among scientists investigating mechanisms of inflammation and immunopathology
  • To provide a forum to discuss recent findings (both published and preliminary unpublished data) related to infection, inflammation, immunity, and how these processes underlie human pathologies
  • To mentor the next generation of pathologists and scientists interested in inflammatory and immunopathology processes


ASIP Members are invited to participate in the Inflammation/Immunopathology SIG Listserv. Please email to have your name and email address added to the listserv.

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Please direct all questions to: Lisa McFadden (240) 283-9712.


Jonathan Lin

Jonathan Lin, MD, PhD
University of California, San Diego


Nissi Varki

Nissi Varki, MD
University of California, San Diego