Infectious Disease

Welcome to the Infectious Disease Scientific Interest Group (SIG). The mission of this SIG is to further our understanding of multiple infectious diseases from the perspective of both the host and the pathogen. Infectious diseases can affect all organs of the body and include prokaryotic and eukaryote pathogens, viruses, as well as complex dsybiotic communities. By facilitating the communication of researchers across several fields, we hope to paint a better picture of what factors contribute to the disease pathogenesis. We aim to build a community of microbiologists, virologists, parasitologists, mycologists, immunologists, pathologists, and physiologists to share their ideas and findings in an environment conducive to collaboration and discussion.

The objectives of the Infectious Disease SIG are:

  1. To facilitate discussion between multiple areas relating to infectious disease research
  2. To promote cross-disciplinary mentorship for trainees looking to expand their scientific interests
  3. To build a community of researchers that are all engaged in furthering the advancement of understanding infectious disease from multiple vantage points
  4. To highlight cutting edge technology used to study both organs and micro-organisms


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Melinda A. Engevik

Melinda A. Engevik, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina


Taylor Ticer

Taylor Ticer, BS
Medical University of South Carolina