Roberto Ivan Mota Alvidrez, MD

Meet this month’s Member Spotlight, Roberto Ivan Mota Alvidrez, MD, Research Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Surgery. Dr. Mota Alvidrez has been an ASIP member since 2015 and co-hosts the “Behind Our Science” podcast, supported by the ASIP and The Histochemical Society.

Roberto Ivan Mota Alvidrez, MD


Dr. Mota Alvidrez completed his master’s in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM) and his doctorate from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua, Mexico). He actively participates in leadership positions for the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the ASIP, as well as a Section Co-Editor for Vascular Wound Healing and Tissue Repair and a peer reviewer for numerous journals including the Journal of the American Heart Association and the American Journal of Pathology.

Dr. Mota Alvidrez developed the first diabetic, atherosclerotic, obese, and dyslipidemic rat model and a non-invasive, longitudinal, pre-clinical SPECT/CT imaging tool to externally evaluate inflammation in atherosclerosis. His career has been devoted to basic and translational research aiming to understand the molecular mechanisms that guide diabetic patients with poor hyperglycemic control with life threatening complications with sex-specific disease progression. In the spring, he will be joining the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy to develop his research program into the Clinical and Translational Research Center and the Health Sciences Center.


What is your favorite part about being a member of the ASIP?

I love that I have built a family here. I feel that I belong, they value my opinion and me as a member. ASIP has been the first society I was included in and has been a fantastic experience. I love being part of ASIP and all the difference I can make in the society due to my uniqueness and strengths.

What is the best meal you have ever eaten?

This is one of the hardest questions ever—I love all types of food and like to try many things. However, I would have to go with my wife’s cooking which is amazing. Lately she made “Entomatadas” and “Pambazos” which were out of this world and I think those are the best thing I have eaten.

Who is someone who's made a big impact on your life?

First of all, my dad and my uncle. My dad taught me that I should always ask myself, “why not me?” That phrase gives my life direction. My uncle because he taught me to be nice and easy going; after he passed away, he also gave me a reason to live and a research niche to focus on.

Regarding my career, it would have to be Dr. Matthew Campen. He was the one who introduced me to ASIP and advocated for me to get into the society. He taught me that I don’t owe anything to my mentor nor my mentor owes me anything but regardless we give everything to each other. I think we need one million more mentors like him in this world and I strive to be just like him. He was kind, insightful, tough, smart, helpful, and friendly. Also, he made some sick Pralines and baked goods for lab meetings!