Rojkind-Monga-ASIP Trainee Travel Award for Excellence in Liver Pathobiology Research


The Rojkind - Monga - ASIP Trainee Travel Award for Excellence in Liver Pathobiology Research, honoring the memory of the late Drs. Marcos J. Rojkind and Gurdarshan Singh Monga, was established by ASIP member Dr. Satdarshan (Paul) S. Monga to support travel to the ASIP Annual Meeting of an ASIP trainee member who submits an abstract that includes data relevant toexperimental studies in liver pathobiology. Candidates for the Rojkind-Monga-ASIP Trainee Travel Award should submit an application upon submission of their abstract to the ASIP Annual Meeting. The awardee will be chosen by the ASIP Program Committee on the basis of excellence in liver pathobiology research.

Dr. Marcos J. Rojkind was a loyal member of ASIP for forty years. Educated in Mexico, Dr. Rojkind was the recipient in 1985 of Mexico's highest scientific honor, the National Service Award. He joined the faculty at George Washington University in 2002. Dr. Rojkind did seminal work in many aspects of hepatic pathobiology in areas of liver fibrosis, injury and stellate cell biology. He was passionate about teaching and trained many students and postdoctoral fellows. He passed away in 2011.

Marcos J. RojkindDr. Marcos J. Rojkind

Dr. Gurdarshan Singh Monga, the father of ASIP member Dr. Satdarshan (Paul) S. Monga, was a practicing physician in India and worked in the Punjab Civil Medical Services. He died while he was a Chief Medical Officer at the young age of 51 years due to liver cirrhosis. Dr. Monga received numerous awards in recognition of his outstanding service to both patients and for the successful implementation of national programs in his district. He was universally loved for his compassion and capability as a general practitioner.

Dr. Gurdarshan Singh MongaDr. Gurdarshan Singh Monga


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