ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award


ASIP 2024 Meritorious Awards Application Deadline:
Sunday, January 15, 2023 (11:59 PM ET)

PISA 2023 Awards Application Deadline:
Friday, April 21, 2023 (11:59 PM ET)

ASIP 2023 Annual Meeting Awards Application Deadline
Friday, July 21, 2023 (11:59 PM ET)


Professional Timeline for Qualification for ASIP Awards

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Award Description: The ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award recognizes mid-career investigators with demonstrated excellence in experimental pathology research. The Meritorious Awards Committee will consider the published record of peer-reviewed research and overall impact of the nominee’s science, teaching, mentorship, leadership in the field of pathology, and contributions to the Society. The ASIP Outstanding Investigator awardee is recognized each year at the ASIP Annual Meeting, where the selected awardee will deliver an Award Lecture. In addition, the awardee will submit a manuscript based on their award lecture that will form the basis of a peer-reviewed publication in The American Journal of Pathology

Award Eligibility: Eligible candidates for the ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award must be an active ASIP member in continuous good standing for at least five years immediately prior to nomination. The typical nominee for the Outstanding Investigator Award will be a mid-career scientist (Associate Professor or equivalent or individuals who recently became full Professor or equivalent) with an active research program at the time of nomination. Nominees should have sustained and significant contributions to the Society (through leadership and/or participation in Society activities/programs).

Nominations for the ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award should include:

  1. The nominee's curriculum vitae (CV), including a complete bibliography of published research. The nominee’s CV should include clear descriptions of contributions to research, teaching, mentorship, leadership (including institutional leadership and leadership in the wider field of pathology), and contributions to the ASIP. The nominee’s CV should be updated in subsequent years if the nomination is renewed.
  2. Three letters of support, including at least two from current ASIP members. Letters of support should address each element considered for the award, including meritorious experimental pathology research, outstanding teaching/mentoring, leadership in the field of pathology, and engagement in the activities of the ASIP. Letters of support should be updated in subsequent years if the nomination is renewed.

Scoring Rubric: ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award nomination packages will be scored based upon: (1) published record of peer-reviewed research and overall impact of the nominee’s science, (2) contributions to pathology education/teaching conducted at the nominee’s institution and/or through national/international forums, (3) mentorship of young scientists, (4) leadership in the field of pathology (including departmental/institutional leadership and leadership on the national/international stage), (5) contributions to the ASIP, and (6) strength of letters of support.


ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award Recipients (Funded by ASIP)

Qin Yan, PhD 2023
Qin Yan, PhD

Jonathan H. Lin, MD, PhD 2022
Jonathan H. Lin, MD, PhD

Jayanta (Jay) Debnath, MD 2021
Jayanta (Jay) Debnath, MD


Scott Oakes 2019
Scott Oakes, MD, PhD

Shuji Ogino 2018
Shuji Ogino

Yin 2017
Xiao-Ming Yin




Amgen Outstanding Investigator Award Recipients (Funded by Amgen, Inc.)

Gerald Shadel 2007
Gerald S. Shadel

Johnathan Pollack 2006
Jonathan Pollack

Jerrold Turner 2006
Jerrold R. Turner


U. von Andrian 2004
U. von Andrian


Pfizer Outstanding Investigator Award Recipients (Funded by Pfizer)

Charles Clevenger 2003
Charles Clevenger

Martin Matzuk 2002
Martin M. Matzuk

Robert Doms 2001
Robert W. Doms


Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Award Recipients

2000 John C. Reed
1999 James M. Musser
1998 Michael R. Lieber
1997 Cynthia C. Morton
1996 V.M. Dixit
1996 W.G. Stetler-Stevenson
1995 M. L. Tykocinski
1994 Tucker Collins
1993 Michael L. Cleary
1992 J. B. Lowe
1991 D. P. Hajjar
1990 J. L. Madara
1989 Eugene C. Butcher
1988 Jordan S. Pober
1987 J. L. Sklar
1987 A. K. Abbas
1986 G. R. Crabtree
1985 Jacques U. Baenziger
1984 Lance A. Liotta
1983 Peter Howley
1982 D. Clayton
1982 Michael Gimbrone, Jr.
1981 Michael Lieberman
1980 Peter M. Henson
1979 Carl Pierce
1978 Richard A. Lerner
1977 Stanley Cohen
1976 Norman R. Klinman
1975 George J. Todaro
1974 Emil R. Unanue
1973 Vincent T. Marchesi
1972 Karl E. Hellstrom
1971 Peter A. Ward
1970 A. Rees Midgley, Jr.
1969 Charles G. Cochrane
1968 Henry C. Pitot
1967 William O. Weigle
1966 Hans J. Muller-Eberhard
1965 Peter C. Nowell
1964 Frederick Stohlman
1963 Edwin R. Fisher
1962 Robert A. Good
1961 Donald B. Hackel
1960 Floyd R. Skelton
1959 Stanfield Rogers
1958 Emmanuel Farber
1957 Frank J. Dixon, Jr.