ASIP Gold-Headed Cane Award


2023 Application Submission Deadline:

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 11:59 PM (PT)

Direct all Inquiries to:

The ASIP Gold-Headed Cane Award is the society's oldest and most prestigious award. It was first given in 1919 and has been awarded on 71 occasions (including the 2022 award) since that time. This award recognizes significant long-term contributions to the field of pathology, including meritorious research, outstanding teaching, general excellence in the discipline, and demonstrated leadership in the field of pathology.

Eligible candidates for the ASIP Gold Headed Cane Award must be an ASIP member in continuous good standing for at least five years immediately prior to nomination, and should have sustained and significant contributions to the Society. The selected awardee will receive a mahogany cane topped with a 14-karat gold head and engraved band. The selected awardee will be honored during the ASIP 2022 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology in Philadelphia, PA (April 2-5, 2022). 

Nominations for the ASIP Gold-Headed Cane Award should include:

  1. Three letters of recommendation, including at least two from current ASIP members. Letters of recommendation should be updated in subsequent years if the nomination is renewed.
  2. The nominee's curriculum vitae (CV), including a complete bibliography of published research. The nominee’s CV should be updated in subsequent years if the nomination is renewed.





Peter M. Howley, MD 2023
Peter M. Howley, MD

Elaine S. Jaffe, MD 2022
Elaine S. Jaffe, MD

Abul Abbas, MD 2021
Abul Abbas, MD


Vinay Kumar, MBBS 2019
Vinay Kumar, MBBS, MD, FRCPath



Emanuel Rubin 2008
Emanuel Rubin


Robert Jennings 2007
Robert B. Jennings

Michael Lieberman 2006
Michael W. Lieberman

Henry Pitot 2005
Henry Pitot

Michael Lamm 2004
Michael E. Lamm



Baruj Benacerraf1996
Baruj Benacerraf


1995 E. Farber and Paul E. Lacy
1994 Morris J. Karnovsky
1993 L. G. Koss
1992 S. L. Robbins
1991 G. Barry Pierce
1990 Robert E. Stowell
1989 Guido Majno
1988 L. Thomas
1987 Frank Dixon
1986 L. Ackerman
1985 P. J. Fitzgerald
1984 Earl P. Benditt
1983 Robert W. Wissler
1982 H. Zimmerman
1981 Kenneth M. Brinkhous
1980 E. D. Warner
1979 A. T. Hertig
1978 Harold L. Stewart
1977 Thomas D. Kinney
1976 Hans Popper
1975 Wiley D. Forbus
1973 John G. Kidd
1972 Sidney Farber
1971 Esmond R. Long
1970 Alan Richards Moritz
1969 Shields Warren
1968 Stanhope Bayne-Jones
1967 Jean Oliver
1966 Harry Goldblatt
1965 Paul Cannon
1964 Peyton Rous
1962 William Boyd