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Nomination Deadline: November 10, 2017PDF

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ASIP Rous-Whipple Award

First awarded in 1976, the Rous-Whipple Award was established in honor of the Presidents of the ASEP and the AAPB when the coalesced societies emerged as the AAP (which was later renamed the ASIP in 1992). The ASIP Rous-Whipple Award is presented to a senior scientist with a distinguished career in research who has advanced the understanding of disease and has continued productivity at the time of this award.

The Meritorious Awards Committee will consider the published record of peer-reviewed research and overall impact of the science, mentorship, and participation of the candidate and protégés in ASIP scientific meetings. Awardees will receive a stipend and a plaque and will present a lecture at an ASIP scientific meeting that will form the basis of a peer-reviewed publication in The American Journal of Pathology.

There is no age eligibility requirement for this award; however, prior experience suggests that most successful awardees will be 50+ years old at the time of nomination. Nominations for the award require: 1) three letters of recommendation, including at least two from ASIP members; 2) the candidate's curriculum vitae including bibliography; and 3) ASIP membership in good standing for at least five years prior to nomination.


Charles N. Serhan James M. Musser ElaineJaffe
Charles N. Serhan
James M. Musser pdf
Elaine Jaffe pdf
Charles A. Parkos Stephen Galli William A. Muller
Charles A. Parkos pdf
Stephen Galli pdf
William A. Muller pdf
Patricia A. D’Amore Rakesh Jain Jordan Pober
Patricia A. D’Amore pdf
Rakesh Jain pdf
Jordan Pober pdf
Donald E. Ingber George Michalopoulos Michael A. Gimbrone, Jr.
Donald E. Ingber pdf
George Michalopoulos pdf
Michael A. Gimbrone, Jr.
Abul Abbas Steven L. Teitelbaum John Trojanowski
Abul K. Abbas
Steven L. Teitelbaum
John Trojanowski pdf
Peter Howley      
Peter M. Howley
  • 2003 Janardan K. Reddy pdf
  • 2002 Harold F. Dvorak pdf
  • 2001 Marilyn G. Farquhar pdf
  • 2000 Errol C. Friedberg pdf
  • 1999 Francis V. Chisari pdf
  • 1998 Emil R. Unanue pdf
  • 1997 Richard G. Lynch pdf
  • 1996 Peter A. Ward
  • 1995 Thomas S. Edgington
  • 1994 N. K. Gonatas
  • 1993 Michael B. A. Oldstone
  • 1992 Russell Ross pdf
  • 1991 H. L. Moses
  • 1990 R. Baserga
  • 1989 Vincent T. Marchesi
  • 1988 Hans J. Muller-Eberhard
  • 1987 E. L. Becker
  • 1986 Peter C. Nowell
  • 1985 B. Benacerraf
  • 1984 Paul E. Lacy
  • 1983 G. Barry Pierce
  • 1982 E. Farber
  • 1981 Morris J. Karnovsky
  • 1980 Earl P. Benditt
  • 1979 Frank Dixon
  • 1977 R. T. Prehn
  • 1976 Jacob Furth