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Apply for the George K. Michalopoulos Junior Faculty Travel Award

ASIP offers the George K. Michalopoulo Junior Faculty Travel Awards to attend the following meetings:

ASIP 2018 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology
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ASIP Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology:
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Pathobiology for Investigators, Students, and Academicians (PISA):
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About the George K. Michalopoulos Junior Faculty Travel Award


George K. Michalopoulos Junior faculty travel Award

The George K. Michalopoulos Junior Faculty Travel Award is offered to promote the participation of early career investigators in scientific meetings and conferences. The award recognizes the outstanding research being conducted by ASIP Regular and Next-Generation Scientist members who are employed as Junior Faculty at institutions around the world. The awardee is selected by the ASIP Meritorious Awards Committee on the basis of early career productivity and the scientific merit of the submitted abstract.

The award is funded by the George K. Michalopoulos Junior Faculty Travel Award and the stipend is $1,000.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Be an ASIP Regular of Next-Generation Scientist Member in good standing at the time of application submission and through the dates of the conference.
  • Have completed a professional degree (DO, DVM, MBBS, MD, PhD or equivalent) at least two years and no more than seven (or nine if in clinical training) years prior to submitting the application.
  • Submit an abstract by the established deadline to the ASIP meeting/conference.
  • The award applicant should be a co-author but does NOT have to be the first author of the abstract.
  • Register for the ASIP meeting/conference by the established deadline for awardees.
  • Attendance during the conference and at the ASIP Business Meeting and Awards Presentation is mandatory. The travel award will be rescinded if the awardee is not present and/or does not verify attendance during the meeting.