2024-2025 Council

Council Roster


Satdarshan Paul Singh MongaPresident
Satdarshan (Paul) Singh Monga, MD
University of Pittsburgh

Pilar AlcaidePresident-Elect
Pilar Alcaide, PhD
Tufts University School of Medicine


Jonathon HomeisterVice-President
Jonathon W. Homeister, MD, PhD
University of North Carolina

Robinna LorenzPast-President
Robinna Lorenz MD, PhD


David WilliamsInterim Secretary-Treasurer
David Williams, MD, PhD
University of North Carolina

Kojo Elenitoba-JohnsonCouncilor At-Large
Kojo S. Elenitoba-Johnson, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Kelsey Dillehay McKilipCouncilor At-Large
Kelsey Dillehay McKillip, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Bethany HannafonEarly-in-Career At-Large
Bethany Hannafon, PhD
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center


Veronica Contreras-ShannonCommittee for Career Development Chair
Veronica Contreras-Shannon, PhD
St. Mary's University

Julie Randolph-HabeckerEducation Committee Interim Chair
Julie Randolph-Habecker, PhD
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences


Cecelia C. YatesCommittee for Equal Representation and Opportunity Chair
Cecelia C. Yates, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Andrei IvanovProgram Committee Chair
Andrei Ivanov, PhD
Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Heather FrancisPublications Committee Chair
Heather Francis, PhD
Indiana University

Elaine BearerResearch and Science Policy Committee Chair
Elaine Bearer, MD, PhD
University of New Mexico


Martha FurieEditor-in-Chief of The American Journal of Pathology
Martha B. Furie, PhD
Stony Brook University

Richard Mitchell President’s Circle Chair
Richard N. Mitchell, MD, PhD
Brigham & Women's Hospital


Charles ParkosFASEB Board Representative
Charles A. Parkos, MD, PhD
University of Michigan

Sharon DeMorrowFASEB Science Policy Committee
Sharon DeMorrow, PhD
The University of Texas at Austin