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Advocating For Pathology Research Funding

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Archive of Past Documents/Issues

ASIP joins others in opposition to fetal tissue/stem cell research prohibitions (2017)
Letter from World Medical Assocation thanking ASIP (2016)
ASIP submits second set of comments to World Med. Association on health database considerations
ASIP submits comments to World Medical Association
on health databases and biobanks (2015)
ASIP position on stem cell research as stated in letter to Sen. Feinstein on "Human Cloning Prohibition Act" (2002)
ASIP responds to National Bioethics Advisory Commission on its draft report "The Use of Human Biological Materials in Research: Ethical Issues and Policy Guidance" (1999)
Talk given by Patricia Backlar at Experimental Biology Conference on Access to Archived Human Tissue
Talk given by David Korn at Experimental Biology Conference on Genetic Privacy and Patient Tissues in Research (1998)
ASIP Position Statement on the use of human tissues in genetic research (1997)
Combined Pathology Statement On the Use of Human Tissues for Research (1996)
ASIP newsletter article entitled If You Use Human Tissue in Your Research, You Should Know about the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) Program Of the National Center for Human Genome Research (1995)

Clinician Scientist Workforce
ASIP comments on Facilitating Transition from Training to Independence (2014)

Common Rule/Consent
ASIP comments on Common Rule extension until January 2019 (2018)
Proposed changes to the Common Rule (2015)
ASIP comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Common Rule (2015)
ASIP comments on FDA Draft Guidance on Informed Consent (2014)
ASIP comments on Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (2011)
Balancing Research Progress & Informed Consent ASIP Position Statement (1995)

Federal Funding of Research
ASIP press release objecting to 2018 proposed budget (2017)
ASIP joins over 260 organizations in urging completion of 2017 federal budget (2017)
ASIP joins others in support of medical research - Wall Street Journal Advertisement (2017)
ASIP Petition: Commitment to Science (2017)
ASIP submits letter to Secretary Price expressing concerns regarding funding for research (2017)
ASIP joins FASEB and member societies to encourage restoration of federal funding of scientific research (2015)
ASIP joins over 150 organizations supporting the $10 billion five year Innovation Fund for scientific research (2015)
ASIP joins over 125 organizations in seeking changes to government scientist travel policy (2015)
ASIP Joins over 400 organizations petitioning Congress for sustained, predictable support for research (2014)
Research Funding- 2014 Funding - Where did we end up? (2014)

Update on Human Subjects Research: HIPAA and HITECH (2013)

ASIP responds to NIH E-Biomed Proposal (1999)

Laboratory Developed Tests
FDA issues two draft guidances on laboratory developed tests (2014)
     -Framework for oversight
     -Notification & reporting

Open Access
ASIP responds to NIH RFI (2004)

Current policy for The American Journal of Pathology andThe Journal of Molecular Diagnostics (2001)

Peer Review
ASIP responds to Center for Scientific Review (1999)

Research Funding, Submission & Related Concerns
ASIP requests NIH clarify biospecimen research as a clinical trial (2018)
NIH biosketch initiative (2014)
NIGMS and NCI programs for select investigators (2014)
ASIP comments on NIGMS pilot program "Maximizing Investigators' Research Award" (2014)
NIH and AHRQ announce updated policy for application submission (2014)

Return of Results
ASIP comments to Secretary's Advisory Committee on HIPAA/CLIA conflicts (2015)

Translational Research
Translational research forum at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (2011)
Pathology's role at the National Center For Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) (2011)