American Society for Investigative Pathology, June 2011, Vol 3, No. 2

Interested in serving on the ASIP Trainee Newsletter team? 

Please indicate your interest by responding to no later than Friday, July 8th at 5:00 PM (EST).




Serve on the ASIP Trainee Newsletter Team!

We have some terrific opportunities for our Trainees to get involved in the ASIP Trainee Newsletter! A number of roles are outlined below, along with general descriptions/expectations for each. Please let us know what you are most interested in doing or if there are other ways in which you would like to contribute. Please indicate your interest by responding to no later than Friday, July 8th at 5:00 PM (EST).

Each position is for a two-year term, beginning October 1, 2011 and ending September 30, 2013.  If you are interested in contributing to the newsletter, please send an email to by 5:00 PM (EST) on Friday, July 8th indicating which role you are interested in filling.  We will then follow-up with you depending on the role you would like to fill.  The following positions are needed:

1.) Co-editors:  Dr. Cecelia Yates and I will be ending our two-year term as co-editors this October.  We are looking for two individuals to take over these positions, although Cecelia and I will be available during the transition period.  As co-editor, you are responsible for overall newsletter content.  For this, you will need to participate in a conference call with the advisors Dr. Jayne Reuben and Dr. Tara Sander prior to the release of each edition (3 newsletters are distributed each year).  You must be willing and able to work as a team and communicate frequently with the other editor as well as our advisors, contributors and ASIP staff.  The co-editors are responsible for the content of the newsletter.  The ASIP staff do all the formatting. A perk for the additional work of co-editor is a travel award to participate in a FASEB grant-writing or career development workshop.

2.) Persons of Contact:  One of our remaining goals is to identify a contact person at each University.  These individuals would promote the newsletter and ASIP to fellow trainees and likely work closely with faculty at their institution for submission information.  Ultimately, we would like to create a network of Universities that shares information (job openings, fellowships, etc.) important to our trainees.  For example, if you want to learn a specialized technique, you can easily determine which University/laboratory could allow this.  These contact people will help enable this type of connection.

3.) Contributing Members:  As a contributing member, you would be responsible for one aspect/article in the newsletter.  For example, Rohan has compiled the trainee milestones as they have come in and prepared them for the newsletter.  This is a more flexible commitment but would also require communication with the co-editors and adherence to deadlines.