American Society for Investigative Pathology, June 2010, Vol 2, No. 2

Milestones in Investigative Pathology is a collection of articles written for ASIP newsletters over the past decade. The brainchild of the late
Richard G. Lynch, these Milestones articles briefly summarize seminal research findings during the 20th century that have had an extraordinary impact on our basic understanding of biological processes, on our approach to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and on global healthcare.

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New Trainee Members

Muhammad Abubakar DVM, U Putra Malaysia
Maria Aleman BS, U North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sarah Beckman PhD, U Pittsburgh
Julie Chandler MS, U Pittsburgh
Jennifer Colby PhD, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Antonella Cusimano PhD, U Pittsburgh
Mohd Jamal Dar PhD, U Pittsburgh
Vivekananda Datta MD PhD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Jelena Grahovac MS, U of Pittsburgh
Anwar Husain MD PhD, Georgetown University
Pankaj Lamba MD, McGill University
Bowen Liu PhD, U Pittsburgh
Sudha Moorthy PhD, PMC-AT
Rony Mostafa, UCI
Caitlin Parmer, Yale University
Maria Peiris Pages, MSc, U Bristol
Jonathan Proto BS, U Pittsburgh
Megha Rajaram, Cold Spring Harbor Lab
Melanie Rodrigues BE, U of Pittsburgh
Cindy Thomas BSc, Stony Brook University
Jason Wells MD, UTHSC
Xu-Feng Zhang MD PhD, U Pittsburgh