American Society for Investigative Pathology, February 2010, Vol 2, No. 1

Don't miss your opportunity to participate in these Scientific Interest Group Meetings at the ASIP Annual Meeting at EB 2010!

Breast Cancer Scientific Interest Group Lunch/Networking Session
Chaired:  Ashley G. Rivenbark
Sponsored by the ASIP Breast Cancer Scientific Interest Group
This informal lunch/networking session will take place following the Breast Cancer Workshop and will showcase a number of posters that will be selected for discussion. 

Club Hepatomania
Chaired: S. Paul Monga
Sponsored by the ASIP Liver Pathobiology Scientific Interest Group

This informal social event is geared towards all ASIP members with an interest in Liver Biology. The program will include a select number of posters that will be selected for discussion. More importantly, this will be a social networking session and a great opportunity to make new friends or talk to old ones.

Networking Corner

ASIP encourages all trainees to play an active role in Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs provide a forum to interact with others trainees and experts in the field. It’s a fantastic way to initiate discussions, foster collaborations, and network. Scientific Interest Groups are listed below. If you are interested in participating in any of these Scientific Interest Groups, please email Mark Pinkel at

Scientific Interest Groups:
• Analytical and Molecular Morphology
• Breast Cancer
• Cell Injury
• Gene Expression
• Inflammation/Immunopathology
• Informatics
• Liver Pathobiology
• Molecular Markers of Disease
• Neoplasia/Growth Regulation
• Neuropathology
• Pulmonary Pathobiology
• Tissue Banking
• Vascular Pathobiology
• Veterinary Pathology