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Notice to Authors of NIH-Funded Articles

Through our affiliation with PubMed Central (PMC), The American Journal of Pathology and The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics deposit all final published articles in PMC on behalf of NIH-funded authors. Publishing in the AJP or the JMD automatically places you in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy (see, Submission Method A). Authors therefore should NOT complete a separate deposit of their material but will be contacted by PubMed Central for grant verification once the article has been received by the PMC article system.


To ensure that your AJP and JMD articles are properly cited in NIH grant applications, proposals, and progress reports please use the following formats:

  1. For articles that have been accepted but not yet been published, indicate “PMC Journal - In Process” at the end of the full citation.
  2. For articles that have been published, and thus deposited in PMC, list the PubMed Central reference number (PMCID) at the end of the full citation. PMCIDs (which differ from the PubMed reference number) can be found in the lower right corner of the AbstractPlus view of your article’s PubMed record. For example:

PMID: 19197002 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] PMCID: PMC2665733 [Available on 2009/09/01]

(Note: the above PubMed reference and PMCID are for example only; please visit PubMed to obtain the PMCID for your specific article.)

Further information on properly citing articles accepted or published in other journals can be found at


The ASIP is currently in discussion with Wellcome Trust to mirror content deposited in PMC to UK-PubMed Central (in compliance with Wellcome Trust funding requirements).  Contact the Editorial Office regarding permission to deposit manuscripts in other government-sponsored repositories in cases where The American Journal of Pathology and The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics do not have a system in place to automatically deposit materials on behalf of their authors. Deposit of accepted or published manuscripts in any non-AJP or non-JMD repository without prior permission by the Journal is a violation of copyright.