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March 21, 2014

Experimental Biology


The ASIP 2014 Annual Meeting is supported by unrestricted educational grants from:

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 Late-breaking abstract submissions are closed. All late-breaking abstracts will be programmed as posters to be presented on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014.

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The Annual 2014 Meeting of the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) will be held April 26-30, 2014, in conjunction with Experimental Biology 2014 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA and the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina. The Program Committee has assembled a vibrant scientific program encompassing diverse topics relevant to basic biology and the pathobiology of human disease.

It has been our pleasure as members of the Program Committee to garner ideas from the ASIP membership, and to incorporate these into the design of the final program. The program has been developed in conjunction with ASIP guest societies, including the American Society for Matrix Biology, American College of Veterinary Pathologists, Association of Pathology Chairs, The Histochemical Society, International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories, Society for Cardiovascular Pathology, and Italian Society of Pathology and Translational Medicine.

This year's scientific program will include ASIP member interests in pathobiology of diseases and will highlight exciting new emerging research topics. Presentation formats will encompass symposia and workshops in addition to educational and training sessions. Symposia by leading scientists will cover topics that include Stem Cells for Cardiac Repair, Lessons from the Canine Genome for Human Cancer Therapy, Neurobiology of Disease: From Model Organisms to Humans, Pathogen Interactions with Cellular Junctions, Mechanistic Basis of Neuronal Susceptibility to Toxicants: New Avenues for Drug Discovery, Novel Mechanisms of Oncogenesis, Intracellular Escapades of Human Pathogens, Personalized Medicine Therapies for Lung Cancer, Genomic-Scale Analysis of Single Cells, Cellular Survival: Tumors and Wounds. Given the increased interest and importance of advanced imaging techniques, there will be three Histological Image Analysis sessions, including Advanced Imaging Techniques and Systems for Live Cell Microscopy, Structural Mapping of Force Transmission During Directed Cell Migration: Imaging One Cell at a Time, and Unlocking New Tools for Experimental Pathology: Advances in Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization.

Another exciting aspect of the 2014 meeting will be two thematic one-day sessions. The Blood Vessel Club™Program this year has been expanded to a full one-day program. The morning will be devoted to New Players and Concepts In Leukocyte Trafficking During Inflammation and the afternoon will focus on Vascular Permeability in Health and Disease. In addition, this year’s one-day thematic Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease Program will be based on Immunopathology. The morning session will focus on Inflammation and the Tissue Microenvironment and the afternoon will be devoted to Inflammation and Disease, including this year’s Cotran Early Investigator Award Lecture by Timothy Denning on Intestinal Antigen Presenting Cells During Homeostasis and Inflammation.

ASIP’s Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) have cooperatively programmed the Blood Vessel Club™ and Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease programs. In addition, The Liver Pathobiology SIG (Club Hepatomania) has programmed sessions on hepatocellular cancer and liver regeneration, the Breast Cancer SIG has programmed a session on personalized medicine and breast cancer, the Biobanking SIG has programmed the Stowell Symposium on the The Role of Biospecimens in Precision Medicine, and the Neuropathology SIG has programmed a session on neuronal susceptibility to toxicants. Six SIGs will host a joint poster session and networking event on Tuesday evening.

A fundamental component of the program will include abstract-driven mini-symposia and poster sessions. Given ASIP's strong commitment to supporting young investigators and trainee members, the program will also include special workshops on career development and presentation skills, and will offer opportunities for trainee members to share their research and receive awards, including the ASIP Experimental Pathologist-in-Training Award (EPIT), Experimental Pathologist-in-Graduate Training Award (EPIGT) and Trainee Travel Awards. As members of the investigative pathology community, your participation in the ASIP Annual Meeting is not only vital to the Society's success but will help to grow the excellent scientific program that we have assembled. Please register, submit abstracts to ASIP topic categories and join us in staying abreast of leading scientific research pertaining to pathophysiology of disease. Furthermore, any faculty (senior or junior) or trainees interested in becoming involved in the many ASIP-related activities should feel free to contact us or Tara Snethen at the ASIP office. We look forward to your participation in ASIP's scientific program at EB 2014.

Francis W. Luscinskas, PhD
Paul Monga, M.D.
ASIP Program Co-Chairs