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February 2018
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The American Journal of Pathology is pleased to feature another set of themed Review articles in the February 2018 issue.  Helmed by Editorial Board member Dr. Kevin Gardner, this series of Reviews focuses on Race in Cancer Health Disparities.  Dr. Gardner’s introductory Editorial for the issue, "The Science of Cancer Health Disparities: A Young Discipline with an Old Heritage" can be found here.


Theme Reviews- Race in Cancer Health Disparities
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, Stem Cells, and African Ancestry
Obesity and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Disparities, Controversies, and Biology
Colorectal Cancer Disparity in African Americans: Risk Factors and Carcinogenic Mechanisms
Analysis of Tumor Biology to Advance Cancer Health Disparity Research
Linking Race, Cancer Outcomes, and Tissue Repair
AJP in the News
Biomarkers may help predict outcomes in gastric cancer patients who abuse alcohol
Prognostic Value of the Expression of DNA Repair–Related Biomarkers Mediated by Alcohol in Gastric Cancer Patients


Manuscript Prep

Stay up to date on nomenclature for both human ( and murine ( subjects.  Manuscripts will need to be structured with proper gene symbols and formatting prior to publication.


Did you know…

The American Journal of Pathology, in partnership with Elsevier, is always working hard to prevent plagiarism and duplicative publication to be able to provide our readers with research that is new and unique.  Every new manuscript that is submitted to AJP is automatically put through screening by iThenticate Plagiarism Detection Software, which is embedded into the EVISE manuscript review platform.  iThenticate scans each new manuscript against its massive database (over 127 million published items, including journal articles, books, magazines, abstracts,  conference proceedings, and web pages) and provides a detailed report showing sections of overlap and providing a link to where the overlapped text currently appears in the literature.


Authors can receive a copy of their manuscript’s iThenticate report by contacting the Editorial office.  Authors receiving ‘revise’ decisions will also be notified of their overlap, so that measures can be taken to reduce and remove duplication. Adding this tool to the submission process helps ensure that content in AJP is novel and unique.



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February 2018

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