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August 2017
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Last month Path to Publish announced The American Journal of Pathology’s new timeline for publishing manuscripts online ahead of being typeset or seen by the copyeditors.  The new timeline has been implemented, and one of the first articles published posted in this manner has already been noticed and recommended in F1000Prime as an article of special significance in the field of Gastroenterology & Hepatology!  The article, by ASIP member Dr. Satdarshan Paul Monga and colleagues, is entitled “Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Receptor α Contributes to Human Hepatic Stellate Cell Proliferation and Migration”, and is available now in Articles in Press.  The recommendation is also available to read (click here), however a subscription to F1000Prime is required to access it.


Editor's Choice
Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1α Signaling Promotes Repair of the Alveolar Epithelium after Acute Lung Injury
Inhibition of Early Growth Response 1 in the Hippocampus Alleviates Neuropathology and Improves Cognition in an Alzheimer Model with Plaques and Tangles  
Open Access

Endothelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Bone Marrow and Spleen of Primary Myelofibrosis


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AJP in the News
Chronic Liver Inflammation Linked to Western Diet

Western Diet–Induced Dysbiosis in Farnesoid X Receptor Knockout Mice Causes Persistent Hepatic Inflammation after Antibiotic Treatment


Corresponding author is ASIP member Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan.

Submissions received from ASIP members this year have officially surpassed the number from last year.  Thank you to all our member authors- we hope to keep seeing your work submitted to AJPSubmit today!

Did you know…

The American Journal of Pathology has a new online tool that can help you see your article’s digital impact.  PlumX Metrics collects information across five categories: usage, captures, mentions, social media, and citations.  The tool displays a comprehensive overview of all the attention your article has received, with links out to the individual social media posts and news articles.  PlumX also provides links out to Scopus and PubMed, where you can easily see the list of the other manuscripts which have included your work in their reference list.


While PlumX notifications to the Journal office or the individual authors are still under development, we are pleased with this new tool, which provides authors a quick snapshot of their article’s online coverage.  The tool has been implemented across the entire catalog of AJP online content, dating back to 1998.  Go check your article on AJP’s homepage to see its PlumX snapshot!

August 2017

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