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Lisa McFadden
Director of Membership and Educational Services
Lmcfadden at asip dot org

Educational Resources for High School Science Teachers

The following resources are available for classroom use.


2013 Presentations


Introduction: Pathology Resources on the Internet

Mark E. Sobel, ASIP

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Menacing Microbes: The Threat of Bioterrorism

Martha B. Furie, Stony Brook University

>>View Presentation

Stem Cells: A Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

S. Paul, Monga, University of Pittsburgh

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Smoking-Related Lung Disease in 3D: Not Your Standard Lecture

Dani S. Zander, Penn State Hershey Medical Center

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Presentations from Previous Programs:

What is Pathology and Why/How You Can Include Pathology Into Your Curriculum
S. Cohen, MD, UMDNJ -New Jersey Medical School

Infectious Disease: Natural Emerging Dangers (i.e. SARS, AIDS, West Nile Virus)
E. Unger, MD/PhD, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

From Doughnuts to Diabetes: Obesity and Its Complications
L. McManus, PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Download Body Mass Index Growth Charts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC pdf

The Power of Molecular Biological Techniques
M.E. Sobel, MD, PhD, American Society for Investigative Pathology

Pathology Resources on the Web
Pathology Resources Website: P. Anderson, DVM, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Atherosclerosis Exposed: The Complex Pathway to a Lethal Outcome
A. I. Gotlieb, MD, CM, FRCPC
Download Additional Handouts MSWord


Cockroach Allergen-Induced Asthma
D.G. Remick, MD, Boston University