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Centennial Leaders

Lifetime Contributions > $5,000

Mark E. Sobel


Brigham & Women's Hospital, Department of Pathology in Honor of Ramzi S. Cotran, MD

Department of Pathology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Patholgy and Genomic Medicine, The Methodist Hospital System

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Pathology

The Histochemical Society



Centennial Ambassadors

Lifetime Contributions > $2,500

Anne S. Galli and Stephen J. Galli, MD

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology, Division of Experimental Pathology



Centennial Diplomats

Lifetime Contributions > $1,000

Dorothy F. Bainton

Carl Becker

Stanley Cohen
Martha Furie

Michael A. Gimbrone

Avrum Gotlieb

The Howley Family Fund

Michael E. Lamm

Daniel & Robin Remick

William Stetler-Stevenson



Centennial Partners

Lifetime Contributions > $500

Leo Furcht

David Korn

Linda McManus

Richard Mitchell

Frances Pitlick

Jacob J. Steinberg

Elizabeth Unger

Elizabether Whitley



Centennial Supporters

Lifetime Contributions up to $500

Frederick F. Becker

Wayne Buck

Daniel Dion

Samuel W. French

Elizabeth Galbreath

Henry P. Godfrey

Renato Iozzo

Morris Karnovsky

F. William Luscinskas

Danny Milner
Suzanne Mirra

Ludvik Peric-Golia

Jeffrey Ross
Gene Siegal

Xiao-Min Yin



Centennial Friends

Lifetime Contributions up to $100

Arnold Brody

Keith Cheng

Wiliam Coleman

Joseph Corson

David A. Dicheck

Dennis Dickson

Philip M. Grimley

Jonathan Homeister

Hisashi Horiguchi

Lester Kobzik

William Muller

James Musser

Mayumi Nakagawa

Joseph Parker

Alexey Petrovich Sarapultsev

Kevin A. Roth

Klaus Schreiber

Patrick M. Sluss

Robert Stern

John Tomascewski

Nancy E. Warner

Monte Willis


ASIP Centennial Fund


In 2013, the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) celebrated the centennial of the formation of one of its two predecessor societies, the American Society for Experimental Pathology (ASEP). ASEP was formed in 1913 to provide a pathology arm to the newly established FASEB, and is the reason that we have been holding joint annual meetings with our sister FASEB societies since that time (currently Experimental Biology). In the 1970s, the ASEP merged with the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists (formed in 1900) to become the American Association of Pathologists, which in 1992 was re-incorporated as the American Society for Investigative Pathology.

Centennial observances included a special reception during Experimental Biology 2013 in Boston, the publication of a historical archive of major scientific accomplishments of the membership, and a Journal Centennial program with special features in issues of The American Journal of Pathology.

The Centennial Fund was established to support these programs. ASIP gratefully acknowledges $63,000 in contributions to the Centennial Fund from 57 ASIP Members, 6 pathology departments, 2 societies, and 2 corporate donors.

Donors are acknowledged at the following levels:
Centennial Leader - Recognizes contributions of $5,000 or more
Centennial Ambassador - Recognizes contributions of $2,500 or more
Centennial Diplomat - Recognizes contributions of $1,000 or more
Centennial Partner - Recognizes contributions of $500 or more

Centennial Supporter - Recognizes Contributions up to $500
Centennial Friend - Recognizes contributions up to $100