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Lisa McFadden
ASIP Director of Membership and Educational Services
Phone: (240) 283-9712


ASIP CME Programs

ASIP Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Self-Assessment Module (SAM) Programs

William B. Coleman, PhD, Director of CME Programs
ASIP is offering two CME programs in 2019. We are partnering with the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, to sponsor our CME programs.

ASIP 2019 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology
ASIP will be the only participating society at Experimental Biology 2019 that will be offering a CME program. More information regarding CME will be posted in the near future.

Journal CME: The Journal of Moleular Diagnostics
The JMD 2019 CME Program in Molecular Diagnostics is an annual program consisting of a series of at least 72 questions based on selected articles in the 2019 issues (Volume 21) of the JMD. Bi-monthly exams, consisting of at least 12 questions that are based on selected articles appearing in each issue of the Journal, will be available online on the Journal website for registered participants. The program is approved by The American Board of Pathology for up to 18.0 SAM credits.

For more information regarding the program including instructions for obtaining CME and/or SAM credits, please click the following link: