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President's Welcome


Daniel G. Remick, MD
ASIP President

"The times they are a changin'." As a native of Duluth Minnesota, it seems appropriate to start the President's welcome message with a quote from Bob Dylan. At least two significant changes will occur during my presidency of ASIP. The first, already in progress, is the selection of a new Editor-In-Chief for The American Journal of Pathology (AJP).. Kevin Roth, MD, PhD, our current Editor-In-Chief, elected to not renew his five-year contract in order to focus his considerable energies and talents on his new position as the Chair of Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia University. A search committee has been formed and a list of candidates will be interviewed shortly. ASIP wishes to thank Dr. Roth for his years of dedicated service and tireless efforts to improve AJP.


The second significant change that will occur is the replacement of our Executive Officer. Mark Sobel, MD, PhD, has served as our dynamic and effective Executive Officer for over 16 years. Dr. Sobel has elected to step down at this time due to health concerns. To stop any rumors before they even begin, it should be clearly stated that there has been no dissatisfaction with Dr. Sobel's performance. Because of the importance of the Executive Officer to our Society, the search committee will be working with an executive search firm to identify Dr. Sobel's successor. Dr. Sobel is preparing a job description that covers the extensive list of his current duties and the search committee will be interviewing search firms shortly. To help frame our discussion of the important attributes for the new Executive Officer, a survey was sent to the ASIP membership. The highest ranked attributes were experience with: running a scientific organization, representing the society in discussions with regulatory agencies, and budgets and human resources. Please join me in thanking Dr. Sobel for all he has done all these years for all of us within Pathology.


In addition to the changes we know will occur, other potential disruptions loom on the horizon. Currently there is intense interest in the physician-scientist workforce by the National Institutes of Health and other organizations. The concerns include the dwindling physician-scientist workforce and the length of time required to become an NIH-funded investigator. There is particular interest in the new American Board of Pathology physician-scientist pathway since we are the most recent discipline to formally approve such a pathway for board certification. ASIP will be working closely with the Association of Pathology Chairs on the issue of physician scientists within Pathology.


The NIH budget continues to be under assault despite strong bipartisan support for the enormous benefit provided by NIH funded investigators. ASIP will continue to monitor this issue and will work with FASEB and other pathology organizations as well as provide mechanisms for volunteers to advocate for a robust, sustainable, and increased NIH budget. While there are many challenges in the current political environment, our Society will keep a focus on ensuring that NIH funding is not diminished.


ASIP moved its offices in March to 1801 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD, 20852, just 4 miles "up the Pike" from the FASEB campus in Bethesda. Since most communication with ASIP occurs electronically, the physical relocation should have had minimal impact on the membership. Members should be aware however, that there was a careful financial analysis of the benefits of moving to help ensure the long-term health of our organization. This is just one of the many examples of the value that was provided by having Dr. Sobel as our Executive Officer.


Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank Dr. George Michalopoulos for his tenure as President last year. Planning for the two major changes, selection of the new Editor-in-Chief and Executive Officer, began with Dr. Michalopoulos, who laid a strong foundation to create stability within our Society.


Dan Remick

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