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 > BLOG > February 2016

ASIP Pathogenesis Blog, February 2016

President's Perspective. . .Member Outreach
William B. Coleman, PhD, ASIP President

The American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) is one of the smaller FASEB-affiliated societies (with approximately 1300 members). The relative size of the ASIP is both an advantage and a disadvantage. With a smaller membership, it is considerably easier for an individual member to engage in important Society activities (for instance membership on a committee) and functions (like chairing a scientific session at scientific conferences such as the Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology or PISA), assume leadership roles (for instance Chair of one of the Scientific Interest Groups), and to become a key decision maker (through an elected leadership position). Hence, a small Society is fantastic for the individual member that is looking for opportunities to become active and engaged. On the other hand (disadvantage), our small size limits what we can do as a Society and how we do it related to the limiting nature of our resources (funding, staff size, number of members). Therefore, the ASIP Council and Membership Committee work each year to address the ongoing need for effective outreach and recruitment of new members. This is not to suggest that retention of current members is not very important, because it is, and our Society's leadership and staff contribute tremendous annual effort to ensure that ASIP membership has value. However, the natural tendency is for a Society to become smaller over time due to non-renewal of members and the inevitable retirement and/or death of individual members.

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