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Past Awardees


Constanza Gonzalez
Project Coordinator
cgonzalez at asip dot org

The ASIP SROPP Award was supported by:


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ASIP Summer Research Opportunity Program in Pathology (SROPP)

The American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) has partnered with the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI) to provide summer research opportunities in pathobiology for underrepresented students by providing financial support for students to visit, learn, and participate in new research in the mechanisms of disease at prominent research laboratories and institutions during the summer.

We have identified two laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh that will host students over the summer of 2014 for an 8 to 10 week program. The two laboratories are headed by world-renowned researchers Satdarshan Paul S. Monga, MD, and Cecelia Yates, PhD, each of whom will host one student. The students will participate in other summer student programs organized by the University of Pittsburgh, which will also provide housing. All housing costs will be paid by ASIP. In addition, ASIP will provide reimbursement for travel costs to and from Pittsburgh. $3,000 will be offered for travel, living expenses, and a stipend. Students will receive $1,000 at the start of the program to help meet initial expenses. The final stipend will be sent after completion of the program and submission of a progress report.


  1. Submit an online application by April 1, 2014.
  2. Notice of acceptance into the program will be sent by April 18.
  3. Move-in days at the University of Pittsburgh - May 24, 25, and 26.
  4. The summer program starts May 27.
  5. The summer program ends August 1. Please note that students can request a stop date as early as July 18.
  6. Submit a Progress Report of your summer research by August 15, 2014.
  7. Summer stipends will be sent within two weeks of receipt of the Progress Report.