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Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors
ASIP Minority Trainee Travel Awards


ASIP Awards Home page

ASIP Meritorious Awards

Gold-Headed Cane
Outstanding Investigator
Robbins Distinguished Educator
Cotran Early Career Investigator
Young Scientist Leadership
-- Formerly the Excellence in Science Award --

ASIP Trainee Travel Awards

Experimental Pathologist-in-Training (EPIT)
Experimental Pathologist-in-Graduate-Training (EPIGT)
ASIP Annual Meeting Trainee Travel Award
ASIP Trainee Travel Award for Late-breaking Abstracts
A. D. Sobel - ASIP Education Fund
Marcos Rojkind -
ASIP Trainee Travel
Gotlieb Undergraduate Student Travel Award (Funded by Gotlieb Family Fund for Undergraduate Education in Pathobiology)
Minority Trainee Travel
The Histochemical Society Sponsored Trainee Travel Award to attend the ASIP Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology

Other Awards
American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) Trainee Travel Award
Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI) Trainee Travel Award
SIPMet Young Investigator Award to Attend the ASIP Annual Meeting



  • Angel Byrd
  • Tamara Feliciano
  • Nicole Fleming
  • Courtney Johnson
  • Jacqueline Jones-Triche
  • Lantz Mackey


  • Angel Byrd
  • Clara Castillejo
  • Evan Delgado
  • Courtney Johnson
  • Lantz Mackey
  • Megan Meyer
  • Shantell Phillips
  • Cindy Thomas


  • Angel Byrd
  • Evan Delgado
  • Dylan Heart
  • Courtney Johnson
  • Diana Londono
  • Lantz Mackey
  • Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi
  • Cindy Thomas-Charles
  • Rodolfo Villareal-Calderon
  • Rogelio Zamilpa


  • Prince Awuah
  • Angel Byrd
  • Evan Delgado
  • Gina Griffith
  • Raymond Isidro
  • Lantz Mackey
  • Edward Medina
  • Jessica E. Rodriguez
  • Jacqueline Savage
  • Kendra Simpson
  • Cindy Thomas
  • Jason Wells


  • Prince Awuah
  • Ruben K. Dagda
  • Lantz C. Mackey
  • Edward A. Medina
  • Jessica E. Rodriguez
  • Tecla Temu
  • Cecelia Christina Yates
  • Rogelio Zamilpa


  • Angel S. Byrd
  • Jessica Cardenas
  • Jennifer C. Carter
  • Chuckwuma O. Onyeagocha
  • Jessica Rodriguez
  • Cecelia Christina Yates


  • Jennifer C. Carter
  • Courtni Newsome
  • Jessica E. Rodriguez
  • Devon Horton
  • Cecelia Yates

Awardees from 2007 and Earlier

More Information about Trainee Travel Awards PDF


Tara A. Snethen, CAE, CMP
Senior Director of Meetings & Society Services
tsnethen at asip dot org

Minority Trainee Travel Awards to Attend the ASIP Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology

The FASEB Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program has awarded ASIP funding to promote the entry of under-represented minority scientists and minority-serving institutions into the mainstream of the basic science community and to encourage the participation of young investigative pathologists in the Annual Meeting. Successful applicants will be reimbursed up to $1,850 in travel costs associated with conference attendance and participation. These funds are meant to defray lodging, air, ground transportation, and meeting registration. The ASIP Program Committee will select the recipients based on the scientific abstracts. Abstracts will be selected for presentation in either poster sessions or in minisymposia (oral sessions). These abstracts need not be submitted strictly to ASIP categories. Awardees will be recognized and presented with this award during the ASIP Awards Presentation and Reception at the meeting.

The ASIP Minority Trainee Travel Awards are funded by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health [FASEB MARC Program: T36-GM08059].

If USA Citizen, provide a photocopy of one of the following: 1) Identification page of your valid USA Passport, 2) Birth Certificate, 3) Certificate of Naturalization, 4) Certificate of United States Citizenship, or 5) Consular Registration of Birth Abroad Form with this application.

If Permanent Resident of USA, provide a copy of your "Green Card" with this application.

Note: The above documents are requested for verification purposes only. After citizenship or permanent residency status has been confirmed, the document is destroyed through a secure shredding process.