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EPIT Awardees

  • 2014 - David Sullivan
  • 2013 Andrei Turtoi
  • 2012 Ronen Sumagin
  • 2011 Jennifer Brazil
  • 2010 Christopher T. Capaldo
  • 2009 Eric Peatman
  • 2008 Daniel Rittirsch
  • 2007 Winston Lee
  • 2007 Timothy Denning
  • 2006 Scott Tomlins
  • 2005 Edward B. Lee
  • 2004 Maddalena T. Tilli
  • 2003 Jonathan Brody
  • 2003 Mark S. Forman 
  • 2002 James Wohlschlegel
  • 2001 Daniel M. Skovronsky
  • 2000 Neta Ilan

Epit Awardees 1999 and Earlier

Merit Awardees

  • 2014 Daniel Kao, Andrei Turtoi
  • 2013 Veronica Azcutia
  • 2012 Michael Schnoor
  • 2011 Maria Tomasi
  • 2010 Stefan Koch
  • 2009 Stefan Koch
  • 2009 Joanne Lomas-Neira
  • 2008 Li Lei
  • 2007 Ying Geng
  • 2007 Christopher Shepard
    2006 Postdoctoral:
  • Udayan Apte
  • Mitra Esfandiarei
  • Jennifer Jahn
  • Doreen Wesche-Soldato
    2005 Postdoctoral:
  • Traci A. Wilgus
  • Predoctoral:
  • Kenneth J. Mandell
    2004 Postdoctoral:
  • Alan Meeker
  • Jennifer Bushman
    2003 Predoctoral:
  • Alex Chung Kyu Chin
  • Ryan M. Gill
  • Reid N. Orth
    2002 Postdoctoral:
  • Alan Rowe Schenkel
  • Sharon L. Ricketts
    2001 Postdoctoral:
  • Alan Rowe Schenkel
  • Madhuri Wadehra
    2000 Postdoctoral:
  • Qin Wang
  • Predoctoral:
  • Colleen Cebulla
  • Gavin Gordon
  • Aaron Bossler

Merit Awardees 1999 and Earlier

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Tara A. Snethen, CAE, CMP
Senior Director of Meetings & Society Services
tsnethen at asip dot org > Awards & Honors > ASIP Trainee Travel > EPIT

ASIP Experimental Pathologist-in-Training Award (EPIT)

Deadline for submitting applications and supporting documents is 11:59pm EST November 6, 2014 - SAME DAY AS THE ABSTRACT DEADLINE!

The EPIT is a prestigious award presented to an ASIP trainee member who is a postdoctoral fellow (including research and clinical fellows) and who has excelled in investigative efforts in studying mechanisms of disease, as evidenced by an abstract submission to the ASIP annual meeting (these abstracts MUST be submitted to ASIP topic categories), an extended research report (this report should not exceed 750 words nor include more than one table), and a letter of recommendation attesting to the candidate's role in the work and potential as a biomedical research investigator. The award includes: a certificate of achievement for the winning abstract presented at the ASIP Annual Meeting Awards Presentation at the Experimental Biology Meeting, a $1,500 honorarium an d complimentary meeting registration.

Candidates for the EPIT Award are also considered for ASIP Merit Awards ($1,250 plus complimentary registration), which will be awarded to the best postdoctoral fellow/resident abstract. Each applicant must be a trainee member of ASIP. Prior recipients of the EPIT and Merit Awards may reapply if the work submitted is clearly distinct from the work previously submitted for their winning application (not just a continuation of the same project). In such cases, the applicants should submit a copy of the previous winning application along with the new application.