American Society for Investigative Pathology, October 2011, Vol 3, No. 3

ASIP Scientific Interest Groups:
• Analytical and Molecular Morphology
• Biophysical Pathology
• Breast Cancer
• Cell Injury
• Gene Expression
• Inflammation/Immunopathology
• Informatics
• Liver Pathobiology
• Molecular Markers of Disease
• Mucosal Pathobiology
• Neoplasia/Growth Regulation
• Neuropathology
• Pulmonary Pathobiology
• Tissue Banking
• Vascular Pathobiology
• Veterinary Pathology

If you are interested in participating in any of these Scientific Interest Groups, please email Tara Snethen, Senior Director of Society Services, at

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Networking Corner

Scientific Interest Group News
ASIP encourages all trainees to play an active role in Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs provide a forum to interact with others trainees and experts in the field. It’s a fantastic way to initiate discussions, foster collaborations, and network.

Cell Injury
Cell Injury Scientific Interest Group

We are pleased to announce that we have begun to establish our inaugural program events at Experimental Biology 2012. On Sunday there will be a social event sponsored by the Cell Injury Scientific Interest Group (Die Schaden Klub), which will include a poster session. We are also sponsoring our first mini-symposium during the meeting. It is an honor to have Dr. Renato Iozzo as our featured speaker. His work is one of the most cited in the field of Matrix biology, with over 12,000 citations to date. We are currently looking for additional speakers for the mini-symposium and the poster session that will be held during Die Schaden Klub. If you are interested in having your work considered for presentation, please submit an abstract to EB 2012 under one of the categories listed below. Please contact Dr. Cecelia Yates ( if you are interested in participating in this group and/or have any questions regarding the program.
Cecelia C. Yates, PhD and Monte S. Willis, MD, PhD
Chair and Co-Chair, Cell Injury Special Interest group

4031-ASIP...... Apoptosis/Necrosis
4032-ASIP...... Autophagy, mechanisms and the role in diseases
4033-ASIP...... Ubiquitin proteasome system and Ubiquitin-like proteins (SUMO, Nedd, others) in disease
4034-ASIP...... Oxidant, genotoxic, metabolic and other types of stress
4035-ASIP...... ER stress in cell death and survival
4036-ASIP...... Role of MMPS, TIMPS, and ECM repair in wound healing
4037-ASIP...... Cellular responses to shear stress, stretch, and mechanical injury

Vet Pathology
Veterinary Pathology Scientific Interest Group
Poster Session and Luncheon at Experimental Biology 2012: Networking Across the Borders

As part of the activities at Experimental Biology 2012, you are invited to the Veterinary Pathology Scientific Interest Group Poster Session and Luncheon. The ever-growing and very interactive session will be held Monday, April 23, 2012, immediately following the ACVP-sponsored symposium, "Evolutionary Aspects of Animal Models", chaired by Elizabeth Uhl with co-chair Michael Oglesbee. The poster session and free luncheon are great opportunities to present and discuss your research, network for new colleagues, and greet old friends. This gathering is attended by researchers from the reaches of the globe with interests ranging from understanding the mechanisms of spontaneous diseases in animals to correlating homologues of animal and human disease.

Neuropathology Scientific Interest Group

We are in need of members to assist with development of the Neuropathology Scientific Interest Group (SIG). As you may or may not know, these groups provide a forum to interact with other trainees and experts in the field and allow members to initiate discussions, foster collaborations and network. Importantly, SIGs help determine scientific programming for the Annual Meeting as well as social/networking events. If you are interested in becoming an active participant of this SIG, please email Tara Snethen, ASIP Senior Director of Meetings and Society Services at
Neuropathology Symposium: ASIP 2012 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology
April 25, 2012
Innate Immunity in the Brain
Chair: Clayton A. Wiley
• Microglia in vivo, Axel Nimmerjahn
• Monocyte Trafficking to Brain, Richard Ransohoff
• Microglia in vitro, Julia Kofler
• MicroRNA Modulation of Microglia, Howard Weiner