American Society for Investigative Pathology, June 2011, Vol 3, No. 2

ASIP Scientific Interest Groups:
• Analytical and Molecular Morphology
• Biophysical Pathology
• Breast Cancer
• Cell Injury
• Gene Expression
• Inflammation/Immunopathology
• Informatics
• Liver Pathobiology
• Molecular Markers of Disease
• Mucosal Pathobiology
• Neoplasia/Growth Regulation
• Neuropathology
• Pulmonary Pathobiology
• Tissue Banking
• Vascular Pathobiology
• Veterinary Pathology

If you are interested in participating in any of these Scientific Interest Groups, please email Tara Snethen, Senior Director of Society Services, at

Networking Corner

Scientific Interest Group News
ASIP encourages all trainees to play an active role in Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs provide a forum to interact with others trainees and experts in the field. It’s a fantastic way to initiate discussions, foster collaborations, and network.

Are you interested in Neuropathology? Are you looking for a way to get more involved in the Society?
We are in need of members to assist with development of the Neuropathology Scientific Interest Group (SIG). As you may or may not know, these groups provide a forum to interact with other trainees and experts in the field and allow members to initiate discussions, foster collaborations and network. Importantly, SIGs help determine scientific programming for the Annual Meeting as well as social/networking events. If you are interested in becoming an active participant of this SIG, please email Tara Snethen, ASIP Senior Director of Society Services at