American Society for Investigative Pathology, July 2012, Vol 4, No. 2


ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting & Centennial Celebration at Experimental Biology
April 20-24, 2013
Boston, MA

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Networking Corner

Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) at the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting
at Experimental Biology.
SIGs represent the diverse research interests of the ASIP membership. These subsections are responsive to the needs and specialty interests of their respective ASIP constituents by providing assistance in program development at the ASIP Annual Meeting and networking opportunities for young investigative pathologists. The following SIGs have programmed special sessions at the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting. Additional SIG-programmed sessions will be announced as the information becomes available. Check the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting website regularly for updates.

• Blood Vessel Club™: microRNAs in the Regulation of Blood Vessel Function
Chair: William Sessa and Themis Kyriakides

• Cell Injury: Cell Death and Survival

Chair: Zhen Yan and Charleen Chu
Sponsored by the ASIP Cell Injury Scientific Interest Group

• Liver Pathobiology Symposium: Flirtin' with Disaster: Liver Injury, Inflammation and the Fast Lane to HCC
Chairs: Arlin Rogers and Paul Monga
Sponsored by the ASIP Liver Pathobiology Scientific Interest Group

• HER2+ Breast Cancer: Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Chairs: Ashley G. Rivenbark and William B. Coleman
Sponsored by the ASIP Breast Cancer Scientific Interest Group









Trainee Welcome Session will be held immediately following the Excellence in Science Award presentation at the Highlights: Graduate Student Research in Pathology Session.  Please join us for a fun and informal social gathering—it’s a great opportunity to network with old and new friends! 

ASIP Centennial Events
In 2013 ASIP will be celebrating its Centennial Anniversary. Centennial observances will include a special reception to be held during the the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology at The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston’s Waterfront district, the publication of a historical archive of major scientific accomplishments of the membership, and a Journal Centennial program with special features in issues of The American Journal of Pathology. Check the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting website regularly for updates.