American Society for Investigative Pathology, July 2012, Vol 4, No. 2


ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting & Centennial Celebration at Experimental Biology
April 20-24, 2013
Boston, MA

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ASIP Launches the Visiting Mentor Corps!

The Committee for Career Development, Women and Minorities initiated a new Visiting Mentor Corps at the ASIP 2012 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology. You might be asking yourself, what is a Visiting Mentor Corps?  Well, it’s a group of ASIP members that have volunteered to serve as mentors for trainees at the ASIP Annual Meeting.  Why is this important?  Because having a mentor at the annual meeting is a great way to network and branch out into other areas of science.  A mentor is also a great resource for any questions you might have while attending the annual meeting.  I remember when I attended my first national meeting, I was intimidated by the size of the meeting, the breadth of science, and the number of people I didn’t know.  I would love to have had a mentor at that meeting, to simply have a friendly and familiar face in the crowd! 

At the ASIP 2012 Annual Meeting, we had 29 ASIP members volunteer to be mentors.  Two trainees, Emily Wickline and Sharon Manley took advantage of this opportunity and were matched up with mentors Ashley Rivenbark and Monte Willis.  Mentors and mentees met face-to-face at the Trainee Welcome Reception immediately following the Graduate Student Research in Pathology Highlights Session on Saturday.  If you’re planning to attend the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology next year in Boston, I highly encourage you to consider signing up for this program.  It’s free, fun, and great for your career!  Please read some comments below from Sharon Manley about her experience. 

“Dr. Willis did a fantastic job of introducing me to other researchers at (the ASIP Annual Meeting). Furthermore, he gave me good tips on which talks to attend related to our research interests. The program provided me a step in networking with other scientists, and becoming more confident in seeking out other scientists that work in similar fields. I am grateful for the program which allows me to have a great experience at my first conference!” 

Sharon Manley, Ph.D. Candidate