American Society for Investigative Pathology, February 2013, Vol 5, No. 1

ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting & Centennial Celebration at Experimental Biology
April 20-24, 2013
Boston, MA

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ASIP Pathways - Feb 2013
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Scientific Interest Groups represent the diverse research interests of the ASIP membership. These subsections are responsive to the needs and specialty interests of their respective ASIP constituents by providing assistance in program development at the annual meeting and networking opportunities for young investigative pathologists. Check the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting Program or SIG links below for specific SIG dates and locations.

 Analytical and Molecular Morphology
 Biophysical Pathology
 Breast Cancer
 Cell Injury
 Gene Expression


 Liver Pathobiology
 Molecular Markers of Disease
 Neoplasia/Growth Regulation
 Pulmonary Pathobiology
 Tissue Banking
 Vascular and Mucosal Pathobiology
 Veterinary Pathology

Don't miss these special events at the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting! A great opportunity to mingle and network with other ASIP members before and after the events! Check the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting Program for times and locations. 

• Highlights: Graduate Student Research in Pathology

• ASIP Trainee Welcome Reception
 ASIP Excellence in Science Award Lecture
 ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award Lecture
• Career Development Workshop and Breakfast: Non-Traditional Career Opportunities in Pathology
 Blood Vessel Club™: MicroRNAs in the Regulation of Blood Vessel Function
 ASIP Rous-Whipple Award Lecture
 ASIP Cotran Early Career Investigator Award Lecture
• Presidential Symposium: HPV: Remaining Challenges in Translational Success Story
• ASIP Business Meeting and Awards Presentation
• ASIP Centennial Reception and Dinner at the Institute of Contemporary Art
 Lunch & Learn: Collaborating with Industry: An Academic Faustian Bargain?
 Breast Cancer Workshop: HER2+ Breast Cancer: Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics
 ASIP Scientific Interest Group Networking Events and Poster Sessions