American Society for Investigative Pathology, February 2010, Vol 2, No. 1

Have you recently completed any milestones in YOUR training or career?

On behalf of the Committee for Career Development, Women and Minorities, we would like to invite you to submit your recent accomplishments to be featured in the ASIP Trainee Newsletter.

This “Trainee Milestones and Updates” page highlights honors/awards, grants/ fellowships, new jobs/promotions and publications of ASIP Trainee members, whether you're just beginning your academic career, or you're well on your way as a seasoned young investigator!

To submit an article or announcement for the next issue of the ASIP Trainee Newsletter, please email your article to no later than March 20, 2010. Early submissions are appreciated. All submissions are subject to review. Please include a digital photograph with your submission.

ASIP Trainee Newsletter
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Trainee Milestones and Updates

Prince Awuah We would like to congratulate ASIP new trainee member Prince Awuah, a graduate in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Monga at the University of Pittsburgh. Prince recently received a fellowship for the Cellular Approaches to Tissue Engineering and Regeneration (CATER) NIH training grant and has been honored as an ARCS scholar. Congratulations Prince!

Anthony Cuneo


Congratulations to Anthony Cuneo, an MD/PhD student at Temple University. Anthony has recently published his work on vascular response to injury in Current Vascular Pharmacology (2009). Anthony also co-authored Expression and Suppressive Effects of Interleukin-19 on Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Pathophysiology and Development of Intimal Hyperplasia in The American Journal of Pathology (2008) and is a recipient of an NHLBI Ruth L. Kirchstein Predoctoral fellowship. Congratulations Anthony!

Reuben Dagda

We would like to congratulate Reuben Dagda, a post-doctoral research associate in the laboratory of Dr. Charleen Chu of the University of Pittsburgh, who recently published his work on the relationship between loss of PINK1 function and autophagy in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (2009). Dagda also recently published review articles in the Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes (2009), Autophagy (2009), and Mitochondrion (2009). Congratulations Reuben!

Kari Nejak-Bowen


We congratulate Kari Nejak-Bowen, a graduate student in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Monga at the University of Pittsburgh, who recently published her work on liver regeneration and hepatocarcinogenesis in mice overexpressing serine-45 mutant beta-catenin in Hepatology (2010). Kari also recently published an article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (2009), and is the recipient of ASIP's 2010 Experimental
Pathologist-in-Graduate Training MERIT Award. Congratulations Kari!