As of January 1, 2018 here are the top 10 most cited articles in 
The American Journal of Pathology 
that were published in 2017


  1. Mechanistic Insights into Pathological Changes in the Diabetic Retina
    Roy S, Kern, TS, Song B, Stuebe C.

  2. miR-24 Inhibition Increases Menin Expression and Decreases Cholangiocarcinoma Proliferation
    Ehrlich, L., Hall, C., Venter, J., Dostal, D., Bernuzzi, F., Invernizzi, P., Meng, F.,
    Trzeciakowski, J.P., Zhou, T., Standeford, H., Alpini, G., Lairmore, T.C., Glaser, S.

  3. Changes in the Luminal Environment of the Colonic Epithelial Cells and Physiopathological Consequences
    Blachier, F., Beaumont, M., Andriamihaja, M., Davila, A.-M., Lan, A., Grauso,
    M., Armand, L., Benamouzig, R., Tomé, D.

  4. Discovery of Centrosomal Protein 70 as an Important Player in the Development and Progression of Breast Cancer
    Shi, X., Li, D., Wang, Y., Liu, S., Qin, J., Wang, J., Ran, J., Zhang, Y., Huang,
    Q., Liu, X., Zhou, J., Liu, M.

  5. Semaphorin 3E Alleviates Hallmarks of House Dust Mite–Induced Allergic Airway Disease
    Movassagh, H., Shan, L., Duke-Cohan, J.S., Halayko, A.J., Uzonna, J.E., Gounni, A.S.

  6. Contribution of Secreted NADase and Streptolysin O to the Pathogenesis of Epidemic Serotype M1 Streptococcus pyogenes Infections
    Zhu, L., Olsen, R.J., Lee, J.D., Porter, A.R., DeLeo, F.R., Musser, J.M.

  7. Demonstration of Tissue Resident Memory CD8 T Cells in Insulitic Lesions in Adult Patients with Recent-Onset Type 1 Diabetes
    Kuric, E., Seiron, P., Krogvold, L., Edwin, B., Buanes, T., Hanssen, K.F.,
    Skog, O., Dahl-Jørgensen, K., Korsgren, O.

  8. IL-1β and Caspase-1 Drive Autoinflammatory Disease Independently of IL-1α or Caspase-8 in a Mouse Model of Familial Mediterranean Fever
    Sharma, D., Sharma, B.R., Vogel, P., Kanneganti, T.-D.

  9. Western Diet–Induced Dysbiosis in Farnesoid X Receptor Knockout Mice Causes Persistent Hepatic Inflammation after Antibiotic Treatment
    Jena, P.K., Sheng, L., Liu, H.-X., Kalanetra, K.M., Mirsoian, A., Murphy,
    W.J., French, S.W., Krishnan, V.V., Mills, D.A., Wan, Y.-J.Y.

  10. Pyrophosphate Supplementation Prevents Chronic and Acute Calcification in ABCC6-Deficient Mice
    Pomozi, V., Brampton, C., van de Wetering, K., Zoll, J., Calio, B., Pham, K.,
    Owens, J.B., Marh, J., Moisyadi, S., Váradi, A., Martin, L., Bauer, C., Erdmann,
    J., Aherrahrou, Z., Le Saux, O.

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