As of January 1, 2017 here are the top 10 most cited articles in 
The American Journal of Pathology 
that were published in 2016


  1. The Dualistic Model of Ovarian Carcinogenesis
    Robert J. Kurman, Ie-Ming Shih
  2. Clinicopathologic, Immunohistochemical, and Ultrastructural Findings of a Fatal Case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infection in the United Arab Emirates, April 2014
    Dianna L. Ng,Farida Al Hosani, M. Kelly Keating, Susan I. Gerber, Tara L. Jones,
    Maureen G. Metcalfe, Suxiang Tong, Ying Tao, Negar N. Alami, Lia M. Haynes, 
    Mowafaq Ali Mutei, Laila Abdel-Wareth, Timothy M. Uyeki, David L. Swerdlow, 
    Maha Barakat, Sherif R. Zaki*
  3. Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4 Distribution in the Human Respiratory Tract Implications for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
    David K. Meyerholz* Allyn M. Lambertz, Paul B. McCray Jr
  4. Synaptic Amyloid-β Oligomers Precede p-Tau and Differentiate High Pathology Control Cases
    Tina Bilousova, Carol A. Miller, Wayne W. Poon, Harry V. Vinters, Maria Corrada, 
    Claudia Kawas, Eric Y. Hayden, David B. Teplow, Charles Glabe, Ricardo Albay III, 
    Gregory M. Cole, Edmond Teng, Karen H. Gylys
  5. The Mast Cell-IgE Paradox from Homeostasis to Anaphylaxis
    Stephen J. Galli*
  6. Pre-Existing Mature Oligodendrocytes Do Not Contribute to Remyelination following Toxin-Induced Spinal Cord Demyelination
    Abbe H. Crawford, Richa B. Tripathi, Sarah Foerster, Ian McKenzie, 
    Eleni Kougioumtzidou, Matthew Grist, William D. Richardson, Robin J.M. Franklin
  7. Dopaminergic Neurons and Brain Reward Pathways: From Neurogenesis to Circuit Assembly
    Sarah X. Luo, Eric J. Huang
  8. The Role of Mast Cells in Bacterial Infection
    Carl-Fredrik Johnzon, Elin Rönnberg, Gunnar Pejle
  9. Dermatomyositis With or Without Anti-Melanoma Differentiation-Associated Gene 5 Antibodies Common Interferon Signature but Distinct NOS2 Expression
    Yves Allenbach, Gaëlle Leroux, Xavier Suárez-Calvet, Corinna Preusse, Eduard Gallardo,
    Baptiste Hervier, Aude Rigolet, Miguel Hie, Debora Pehl, Nicolas Limal, Peter Hufnagl,
    Norman Zerbe, Alain Meyer, Jessie Aouizerate, Yurdagul Uzunhan, Thierry Maisonobe, 
    Hans-Hilmar Goebel, Olivier Benveniste, Werner Stenzel, the French Myositis Network
  10. Neutrophil-Epithelial Interactions A Double-Edged Sword
    Charles A. Parkos*

* Member of the American Society for Investigative Pathology

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