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Want to participate in a Scientific Interest Group?

If you are an ASIP member and would like to participate in one or more Scientific Interest Groups, please contact the ASIP Administrative Office at 240.283.9700 or email


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Dia Pellerin
Project Coordinator
Tel: 240.283.9703
Fax: 301.984.4047

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ASIP Scientific Interest Groups

Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) represent the diverse research interests of the ASIP membership.



SIGs are designed to represent the diverse research interests of the ASIP membership and to provide members with the culture and experience of a small specialty society within the larger whole of a research-oriented membership with eclectic interests.


These goals are accomplished by SIGs providing:

  • adequate representation of scientific constituencies in program development:
    • the annual meeting,
    • scientific events such as stand-alone meetings, single topic conferences, or specialized courses or workshops and special programs.
  • networking and collaboration opportunities for young and established experimental pathologists alike through face-to-face events, social media, and intranet resources.


Currently, SIGs represent the following scientific disciplines: