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Stanley Cohen, M.D.
Emeritus Professor of Pathology & Founding Director,
Center for Biophysical Pathology, Rutgers-NJMS
Adjunct Professor of Pathology
Feinberg Med. Sch., Northwestern U. 
Perelman Med. Sch., U. Penn., &
Kimmel Sch. of Medicine, Jefferson U.



John Tomaszewski
, MD

Chairman, Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences

Univeristy of Buffalo School of Medicine

Digital and Computational Pathology

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ASIP Members are invited to participate in the Digital and Computational Pathology SIG Listserv. Please email Dia Pellerin at the ASIP main office to have your name and email address added to the listserv.

To send a message to the Digital and Computational Pathology SIG Listserv, send your email to Please note that you must be a member of this listserv to send and receive messages.

Dia Pellerin
Project Coordinator > Scientific Interest Groups > Digital and Computational Pathology

Related News

New Feature from the DCP SIG: Modality of the Month

Modality of the Month (MoM) commentaries are brief discussions of methodologies that we believe have or will come to have a transformative impact on basic, translational, or diagnostic pathology. We encourage contributions to the MoM series from the entire DCP SIG, both to take advantage of its collective wisdom and to avoid the possibility of this becoming a "Modality of Almost Every Month." The only editorial review such submissions will receive will be a determination of the suitability of the topic for the MoM series. It should be emphasized that the MoMs should be considered as commentaries that reflect the view of their authors, rather than a definitive overview. A small number of references are suggested for further reading.

Read the Modality of the Month (MoM) commentaries:

MoM Compendium: Commentaries on the Integration of Digital and Computational Technological Advances into Pathology Practice (PDF)

MoM #8: Deep Learning in Pathology

MoM #7: Neuromorphic Computing

MoM #6: Computation and Machine Learning

MoM #5: X-ray and Terahertz (THz) Imaging

MoM #4: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

MoM #3: Light Sheet Microscopy (LSM)

MoM #2: High Resolution Magnetic Resonance Microscopy (MRM)

MoM #1: Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Imaging (MALDI) - Mass Spectroscopy