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AJP News and Notes

AJP has moved to Editorial Manager!

New submissions to The American Journal of Pathology now go through the Editorial Manager submission and review platform.


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Top 10 most cited articles from 2017

As of January 1, 2018, this is the list of the 10 most cited publications that appeared in AJP in 2017.  Thank you to all our authors!


Want to see the list from last year?  The 2016 top cited list is still available here


Reduced fees!

Reduced author fees and NO Color Charges - for an average savings of about $1,000/article in AJP.

Authors will be charged $195 per page; ASIP Regular Members will pay only $185 per page. These fees are regardless of color or supplemental data inclusion, both of which are now free.

The average AJP article is 12 pages in length, so the average cost of publishing in the Journal is now around $2000: That's a savings of more than $1000!

To maintain uniformity in presentation within an article and throughout an issue, color will be limited to scientifically necessary usage, with a preference for black/white/gray fill in bar graphs. However, we encourage the use of color in schematic and model illustrations.
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Martha B. Furie, Ph.D.
Department of Pathology
Stony Brook University

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The American Journal of Pathology (AJP)

The American Journal of Pathology (AJP) is the leading global forum for reporting quality original research on cellular and molecular mechanisms of disease. Impact Factor: 3.762*

AJP is the official journal of the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) and published by Elsevier, Inc., seeks high-quality original research reports, reviews, and commentaries related to the molecular and cellular basis of disease. The editors will consider basic, translational, and clinical investigations that directly address mechanisms of pathogenesis or provide a foundation for future mechanistic inquiries. Examples of such foundational investigations include data mining, identification of biomarkers, molecular pathology, and discovery research. Foundational studies that incorporate deep learning and artificial intelligence are also welcome.  High priority is given to studies of human disease and relevant experimental models using molecular, cellular, and organismal approaches. Case reports typically do not meet the criteria for inclusion.

Author Benefits

The American Journal of Pathology is the most cited journal in the field of Research Pathology.

  • 2018 impact factor: 3.752*
  • 2018 5-year impact factor: 4.364
  • Eigenfactor: 0.03431
  • CiteScore: 3.67
  • Most cited journal in pathology - over 39,000 citations
  • Online Manuscript Submission with Editorial Manager.
  • Articles in Press - advance publication online before print
  • Authors entitled to 1 FREE electronic reprint
  • NEW DISCOUNTS FOR AUTHORS in 2016! ASIP Regular Members receive an author-discount on publication charges and NO color charge! See additional details in the left column of this page.
  • Indexed in all major indexing services (NLM's MEDLINE/PubMed, Thomson's Science Scitation, EMBASE, SCOPUS.

Reader Benefits

  • Published monthly in print and online at
  • Editorial Board includes internationally recognized leaders in disease investigation
  • Reviews, Mini-Reviews, and Biological Perspectives - a blend of key data from the past and current critical discoveries providing insight into future research trends
  • Multi-disciplinary research articles featuring the latest advances in every area of disease pathogenesis
  • Free online access to all legacy content (12 months or older)
  • Free email alerts of new content as it becomes available

*Thomson Reuters Citation Report 2018

To celebrate the founding of ASIP's parent society, the American Society for Experimental Pathology (ASEP), and 100 years of FASEB affiliation, ASIP sponsored The American Journal of Pathology (AJP) Centennial Project to highlight significant scientific discoveries published in AJP (the official journal of ASIP) and its predecessor journals, The Journal of Medical Research and the Journal of the Boston Society of Medical Sciences. Beginning in April 2012 and continuing through April 2013, AJP published articles in a special AJP Centennial section of each issue, highlighting important articles, scientific topic areas, and advances in experimental pathology that have occurred during the past 100+ years. We hope that these articles illustrate the breadth of ASIP's scientific impact and provide new insights on old issues. . A compendium of AJP Centennial Project articles was distributed at the ASIP 2013 Annual Meeting and Centennial Celebration at Experimental Biology 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts.